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Power 50

Power 50: "Sy Snyder's

Power 50

The POWER 50 identifies Pennsylvania's 50 most politically influential personalities. In developing our list, we eliminated anyone who currently holds public office., as well as judges and state Cabinet members. This is an Insiders List. We looked at policy makers, party leaders, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor unions, businesses, the media, and associations and have assembled the ultimate list of Pennsylvanians with clout -- with an impact on politics and government in the Commonwealth. And we selected names based on a fairly unscientific curve: we allocated spaces on this list for a dozen different categories within our political community -- so #5 on the list of important fundraisers or donors may not make the list, but the most influential congressional staffer does. Just remember that our list is purely subjective. There are no right or wrong answers, and this list is always changing. We welcome your comments on this list or on the website.

1 David Girard-DiCarlo Attorney, Bush Pioneer, Ridge confidant, and Fisher for Governor Chairman. He is at the top of his game, with a finger in the White House, the Office of Homeland Security, and connections with both Fisher and Casey.
2 Ed Rendell Gubernatorial candidate, former Mayor & DNC Chairman. Next time, look for Rendell to disappear from the list (if elected) or to drop steeply if his candidacy fails.
3 Bob Asher GOP National Committeeman and fundraising extraordinaire. Candidates get elected with Asher's support.
4 Elsie Hillman GOP activist and major donor. Has helped to elect every statewide GOP office holder in the past 30 years and more -- not to mention a president
5 Steve MacNett General Counsel to State Senate. Referred to as the "51st Senator"
6 Dave Sanko Senior Advisor, Governor Schweiker. Has the ear of PA's Chief Executive.
7 David Cohen Democratic power broker, Rendell for Governor Chair. The brains, money, and power behind possibly the next governor.
8 William George PA AFL-CIO President. Unquestionably PA's top labor leader.
9 John Brabender President, Brabender Cox Mihalke. More than a media consultant. Has the ear of Santorum, Ridge, Fisher, and Hart, among others.
10 Stan Rapp Lobbyist, Top campaign advisor and political strategist for local races across the state.
11 Sam Katz CEO, Greater Philadelphia First and always on the short list.
12 Manny Stamatakis Chairman, DRPA and major GOP donor
13 Frank Guillan Philadelphia Teamsters President
14 Brian Tierney TV personality and strategist, and Tierney Communications
15 Brian Preski Chief of Staff to House Majority Leader John Perzel
16 Christine Toretti GOP National Committeewoman and major donor
17 Richard Mellon-Scaife GOP donor and conservative activist.
18 Kent Gates Manager, Fisher for Governor and advisor to Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey.
19 Mark Campbell Chief of Staff to both Governors Ridge and Schweiker
20 Keith Schmidt Top Aide, US Senator Rick Santorum
21 Patricia Poprik PA GOP Treasurer, fundraiser.
22 Marty Weinberg Attorney and Former Philly mayoral candidate with close ties to Fumo
23 Mike Long
GOP Senate Administrator and reapportionment whiz. Karl Rove's favorite Pennsylvanian.

24 Marilyn Ware GOP major donor and fundraiser
25 Bill Greenlee Lobbyist
26 Dan Rooney Steelers President
27 Steve Wojdak Lobbyist
28 Leroy Zimmerman Former State Attorney General and GOP fundraiser
29 Bill Batoff Democratic fundraiser and strategist
30 John Baughman PSEA chief lobbyist in the Capitol
31 George Burrell Chief political advisor, Philadelphia Mayor Street
32 Jerry Mondesire NAACP President, Philadelphia Chapter
33 Matt Casey Campaign manager, Casey for Governor.
34 Mark Holman Chief of Staff, Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.
35 Renee Chenault-Fattah Anchor, Philadelphia NBC-10 and wife of Congressman Chakah Fattah
36 Richard Bloomingdale PA AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer
37 Sandi Vito Top Rendell aide, former Tartaglione Chief of Staff
38 Carey Lackman Chief of Staff, Senator Arlen Specter
39 Fred Anton PMA boss
40 Anthony Joseph Bevilacqua Philadelphia-based Cardinal
41 Sam Marshall PA Insurance Federation
42 Alan Novak Chairman, PA GOP State Committee
43 Teresa Heinz Wife of US Senator John Kerry and widow of US Senator John Heinz
44 Paul Dlugolecki Top Aide to Senator Vince Fumo
45 Mark Phenicie PA Trial Lawyers Association
46 John McNichol Leader of Delco GOP War Board
47 Erik Arneson Chief of staff, Senate Majority Leader
48 Pete DeCoursey Reporter & columnist, The Patriot News
49 John Vartan Developer and major donor

50 Glenn Schaeffer President, PA Building Trades


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