Sunday, September 18, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer | Santorum's Sleazy Fund-Raising - Terri Schiavo Death Watch Fundraiser and Hurricane Katrina Golf Tournament

Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/18/2005 | Katrina forced candidates to cut fund-raising: "Duffy was referring to Santorum's March trip to Florida, when he prayed with Terri Schiavo supporters outside her hospice. He canceled a Social Security town hall meeting in deference to Schiavo's family but was criticized by Democrats for attending his fund-raisers.

Bickhart said Santorum began assessing the fund-raising landscape Aug. 30, as the situation in New Orleans grew more dire. The campaign went ahead that day with a Pittsburgh golf tournament that collected $225,000 but decided to pull two mailings to 47,000 donors and stop ongoing national calls. One of the mailings was sent last week.

The campaign expects to raise $1.65 million by close of the quarter Sept. 30, Bickhart said, much less than the $3.5 million from the last report.

"The third quarter is sluggish," Bickhart said, adding that Santorum took two weeks for vacation and another two weeks to promote his book, It Takes a Family. "We were counting on September. But there is no way to predict Katrina.""


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