Sunday, August 21, 2005

Rep. Brett O. Feese show s Integrity on Pay Grab

Grassroots PA:

Years ago I knew Brett Feese. He was a straight shooter and man of integrity. It looks like he has not changed. JBOC

"1st House Leader Breaks With Perzel On Pay Raise! Caucus Split To Follow?...
Associated Press:

The chairman of the House Appropriations Committee is among the latest group of legislators to reverse their decision to accept a midterm pay raise in the form of "unvouchered expenses."

Rep. Brett O. Feese became the first member of legislative leadership to reverse himself on the politically hot issue.

Most of the leaders, who received the biggest raises, accepted the early payments. Three others in leadership - Sens. Jeffrey Piccola, R-Dauphin; Mary Jo White, R-Venango; and Connie Williams, D-Delaware - refused the special payments from the beginning."


Blogger bleedingheartliberal218 said...

Brett O. Feese was a perjuring prosecutor and a falsifier of evidence as Lycoming County District Attorney.
(SEE 635 A2d 186-191 @ 189-190.)

Feese was quick to make sweetheart secret "special recommendations of leniency" or "Get Out of Jail Free" deals for burglars, car thieves, and armed robbers to commit assaults on politically incorrect people and frame them so he could do his political grandstanding through the local newspaper and further his corrupt political career.
(SEE 566 A2d 252-253; 631 A2d 213).

Feese routinely employed jailhouse snitches to perjure themselves at trials so he could win Wrongful Convictions of innocent people (allowing the guilty to go free to commit more crimes with impunity).
He had lying snitches planted in every cell block at the county prison calling his office from counselors' prison offices to report daily on people incarcerated pre-trial who were going to trial on their bogus charges.

Feese sent "a contingent of state police 'observers'" to beat up my public defender and steal my tape recording of the undeniable, irrefutable perjury used to falsely arrest and wrongfully imprison me on trumped-up, physically-impossible criminal charges that weren't allowed by law into a court.
(SEE p.15, Friday 2-21-86 Wmspt. Sun-Gazette, "edgy Police Rush to Seize Innocent Paper Bag").

Feese treated the Constitutional Rule of Law and the TRUTH as minor inconveniences and insignificant technicalities to be ignored; the Constitution was his personal roll of toilet paper.

To prevent any more reversals and remands for new trials of the railroadings in Lycoming County kangaroo kourt in my cases, Feese and statewide investigative grand jury and Lebanon County senior visitting "judge" G. Thomas Gates stole and destroyed court files/public records.
(SEE Lycoming Co. # 86-10266 -- 632 A2d 928-930, 643 A2d 704; 668 A2d 1191 -- 18+ years of miscarriage of justice).
Dauphin County visitting senior "judge" William Lipsett had an ex parte phone conversation with Feese's office to violate a Pa. Superior court order remanding this matter for an evidentiary hearing on exculpatory evidence hidden by Feese.
(SEE Lyco. Co. # 86-10,266)
I spent 14 months in prison waiting for my speedy trial which was supposed to be held within 180 days(SEE Lyco. Co. # 86-10,266)

Feese withheld exculpatory evidence and dicoverable materials in all of my cases in violation of Brady v Maryland because he wasn't searching for the TRUTH but rather seeking convictions by any means necessary.
(SEE Lycoming County # 86-11,178 for starters)

The Law (of Karma) finally caught up with your "straight shooting" friend who I know professionally and personally better than you could ever hope to know.

As Lycoming County Prison Board chief, Feese violated inmates' Constitutional and civil rights by knowingly failing to have a prison law library available to them or competent legal counsel to consult with on legal matters forcing them to depend on the worthless, malpracticing, sell-out public defenders and corrupt local private attorneys who worked surreptitiously hand-in-glove with Feese's office to railraod anyone demanding trials.

Feese's assistant prosecutor named William Kradlock, a touted gun safety expert, shot himself in the d.a.'s courthouse office in the summer of 1986 playing quick draw with a loaded handgun with the trigger cocked, a shell in the chamber, the safety off, and his finger on the trigger.

4:06 PM  
Blogger bleedingheartliberal218 said...

Your "straight shooting" pal Brett O. Feese tried unsuccessfully TWICE to have me involuntarily committed and involuntarily treated in a secure mental institution to silence and discredit me about the corrupt Muncy police conspiracy against me -- he wasted taxpayer' money trying to railroad me into North Warren State Mental Hospital for a pharmaceutical lobotomy and falsified documents for that purpose.

Your buddy Brett O. Feese maliciously and unsuccessfully prosecuted me for reserving time at a Muncy Borough Council meeting to publicly address serious Muncy police corruption issues informing my attorney on 8-15-86 that it was an obvious violation of my 1st Amendment rights, but that didn't stop him from wasting taxpayers' money and trying to railroad me into prison for it anyway.
(I represented myself involuntarily while alleged to be incompetent to stand trial and shouldn't have been tried until resolution of the nuthouse petitions, but I won acquittal so it didn't matter.).

Brett O. Feese is a pathologically-dishonest psychopath.

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