Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Panyard runs for governor - York Daily Record

Panyard runs for governor - York Daily Record: "Panyard runs for governor
The Republican said he was motivated by the recent legislative pay raise.
Harrisburg bureau
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jim Panyard, a midstate resident and former head of a statewide business group, says he will be the fourth Republican to seek the GOP nod for governor next year.
Panyard, 61, former president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturer's Association, said he is running as a staunch conservative and to "get rid of business as usual in Harrisburg."

Also eyeing the Republican nomination are former Lt. Gov. Bill Scranton, ex-Pittsburgh Steeler Lynn Swann and state Sen. Jeffrey Piccola of Dauphin County. The winner faces Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell.

Panyard, of Lebanon County, had been planning a governor's run with the Constitution Party, but he said he changed his mind after deciding that the Republican Party is the best place for his message.

"This is a war for what we are as Republicans — are we Democrats light, or do we stand for fiscal responsibility, family virtues and independence?" Panyard said.

The recent legislative pay grab also played a role in his decision.

While he said the state faces deeper problems than the pay hike, it is "what generated a lot of interest in me running against the establishment," Panyard said. And winning the governor's office is the best way to change things, he said.

Political analyst Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College said Panyard has ties to business leaders and other backers of supply-side policies, but he needs to win support in Republican political circles to be a factor in the governor's race.

"He has to demonstrate that he has some support base. Saying you're going to run is one thing, but putting together the machinery, raising the money and delivering the votes is another," Madonna said.

Because Panyard and Piccola come from the midstate and the party's conservative wing, they could end up battling for the same voters and benefit either Scranton or Swann, Madonna said.

Piccola campaign manager Dean Ouellette said they are already doing a good job of courting GOP committee members "and we don't expect that to change."

"It's an open process and anyone is allowed to run. We're looking forward to a healthy debate with all the candidates," Ouellette said.

Swann spokesman Ray Zaborney said they are focused on their own campaign and "at the end of the day we believe this will be a comparison between Lynn's ideas for Pennsylvania and the failures of the past few years of Ed Rendell."

Scranton campaign manager Mike DeVanney issued this written statement in response to questions about Panyard's candidacy: "Bill Scranton looks forward to proving to the voters of this state that he is the right person to change the culture of Harrisburg and lead Pennsylvania's comeback.""


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