Sunday, August 21, 2005

Faces of greed - Jubelirer's Mike Long' master of Intimidation and Bullying Tactics

Faces of greed - "Faces of greed

Compiled by Tribune-Review staff
Sunday, August 21, 2005

There are far worse ways to spend $5.
For that modest amount, you can let your fellow motorists know you remain outraged over last month's audacious pay hike the state Legislature voted itself.

The Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania, led by recent Duquesne University Law School graduate Chris Lilik, are selling "Remember the Pay Raise!" bumper stickers. They are available at

Proceeds will benefit the group's effort to get the General Assembly to repeal the 16 percent to 34 percent pay hikes.

The legislators who voted themselves the raise apparently believe the anger over the payjacking will diminish, that memories of their picking your pocket will gradually fade. The bumper stickers are an inexpensive way to ensure the issue doesn't die.

Feel like spending a bit more money? For $500 a month, you can sponsor a billboard featuring the smiling face of a greedy state legislator and the amount and percentage of his raise.

For your viewing pleasure, billboard prototypes can be found here.

The Young Conservatives' purchase of commercial time on Altoona-area radio stations blasting Republican Senate President Pro Tem Robert Jubelirer over the payjacking apparently didn't go over well with the veteran politician.

Lilik sent a letter last week to Jubelirer chief of staff Michael Long accusing Jubelirer's office and Senate employees of making "veiled and direct threats" against the Young Conservatives. Lilik informed Long his group would not be intimidated by bullying tactics"


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