Sunday, August 28, 2005

Daily and Sunday Review - News - 08/28/2005 - Supporters turn out for Pickett

Daily and Sunday Review - News - 08/28/2005 - Supporters turn out for Pickett: "Supporters turn out for Pickett

By Aaron Cahall 08/28/2005
WYSOX - Friends and supporters of State Representative Tina Pickett gathered in Wysox Township Saturday afternoon for Pickett's fourth annual barbeque.
More than 100 attendees came to the farm of Tom and Diane Elliot in Wysox, among them Republican leaders such as U.S. Congressman Don Sherwood and gubernatorial candidate Bill Scranton.
Sherwood lauded Pickett's efforts in Harrisburg for Bradford County and all those she represents.
"When I need something done, it's so great to be able to have her there," Sherwood said. "When there's a problem with state bureaucracy or something that needs changing, no one jumps on it like Tina."
Scranton also praised Pickett, but had some harsh words for Governor Ed Rendell, who he looks to oppose in next year's gubernatorial race.
"We have got to replace the guy we have in Harrisburg," Scranton said. "I don't know whose values he represents, but they're not Bradford County's values."
Pickett said she was pleased turnout for the event, and said she felt it represented the area she serves.
"I think today was a very good representation from all three counties I represent," Pickett said. "It's a chance to show the depth of the area.""


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