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Daily and Sunday Review - News - 07/18/2005 - Candidates stump at Madigan pig roast

Daily and Sunday Review - News - 07/18/2005 - Candidates stump at Madigan pig roast: "Candidates stump at Madigan pig roast

By Aaron Cahall 07/18/2005
LUTHER'S MILLS - Republican gubernatorial candidates Lynn Swann and Bill Scranton gave Bradford County residents a preview Sunday of next year's race, with each seeking support to unseat Governor Ed Rendell.

The candidates were on hand for state Senator Roger Madigan's annual Pig Roast, held Sunday afternoon at the senator's Madadale Farm in Luther's Mills. Swann and Scranton both ripped Rendell, painting him as a "governor of Philadelphia," and criticizing him for damage they said has
been done to Pennsylvania's rural areas under his administration.
Swann, a broadcaster and Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame wide receiver, was at the farm on his first trip to the area, and said he was "extremely impressed" with Bradford County. Swann added that no incumbent Pennsylvania governor has ever been unseated, but said no governor has had "a record as bad as Ed Rendell."
"I've been a broadcaster for 28 years," Swann said, "and I want to be governor. Rendell has been governor for four years, and I think he wants to be a broadcaster. I think it's a fair exchange."
Scranton served as lieutenant governor from 1978 to 1986 under Gov. Dick Thornburgh, and lost the 1986 gubernatorial election to the late Robert P. Casey. Scranton called Rendell "one of the worst governors we have seen in our lifetime," and said his political experience would help him rejuvenate the state's farms.
"I know Bradford County very well," Scranton said. "We have to have a governor that values agricultural areas. Keeping small farms alive is essential to the state."
Scranton asked for the support of those present to "unseat a governor that richly deserves unseating."
Swann and Scranton will face off with State Senate Majority Whip Jeff Piccola for the Republican gubernatorial bid in next May's primary election."


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